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SLIDE Magazine Issue #19 is one of our favorite editions to date, and this new magazine is on sale now at the world’s finest surf shops and bookstores.

Camel Tajines & Sahrawian Tea
Acclaimed Saffa photographer Alan van Gysen guides us into a journey through the depths of Western Sahara via Morocco, uncovering the desertic, sand-bottomed goods with a hardy crew of adventurers.

The Ancient Present
SLIDE investigates how the alaia design resurgence has fueled the present and future of finless and near-finless designs. Featuring a roundtable interview and gallery including Derek Hynd, Josh Farberoew, Scott Anderson, Dave Rastovich, the Wegener brothers, Jacob Stuth, Sage Joske, Jesse Faen, Roger Hall, Ray Finlay, Chadd Konig, and more.

Sacred Spaces
Nicaraguan beachchbreak barrels plus a catholic quiver multiplied by a ripping good crew equals 16 pages of warm-water tuberides, aerial assaults, high-speed carving, and hammock time. Nick LaVecchia shoots stills of surfers Mikey DeTemple, Daniel Thomson, Chris Del Moro, and Ryan Burch while Mikey films the action for his new movie, Sight Sound.

In the Shadow of Mount Fuji
The keen-eyed work of Japanese photographer Kenyu Takahashi is presented, displaying international longboard action and island scenes from the South Pacific to the North Atlantic.

The Equator
Have you ever dreamed of surfing every shore along the Equator? Here is what you can expect in all Equatorial countries along the line.

Golden Heart: Fifty Years of White Owl Surfboards
Michael Kew offers the full story of legendary shaper and shop owner Jeff White, nailing the tale of one of Santa Barbara's first true surfboard craftsmen, mentors, and shop owners.

Neon Wishes & Cavalier Dreams
A portfolio of Oregonian artist Spencer Reynolds's recent works of paint on wood, a wild marriage of bright palettes, loose style, waves, action, and cartoonish icons.

Gold Rush
SLIDE Gallery #19 melts the colors, shadows, and action of California's first and last hours of daylight.

Lonely But Intrinsic
ESPN writer Jon Coen shares the story of Long Beach Island and many of its characters. A beautiful, artistic, and somewhat unfettered East Coast area, LBI's uncrowded waves are about as hollow as the island's off-season job market.

Jack Lynch
Australian SLIDE correspondent Tom Woods looks into the life of young Aussie stylist and ride-everything proponent Jack Lynch, and hears about Jack’s quiet pointbreak existence and hip endeavors.

Green On Black.

The Kenya Promise.