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The buzz for SLIDE Magazine #20 has become deafening, and for good reason – she is a beauty! You are not going to want to miss what some are calling the best SLIDE issue yet, so pick up a copy here or support your local surf shops, bookstores, and newsagents.

Down Here
Chris Klopf – undeniably one of the world’s finest surf photographers – welcomes a multifarious crew down to his Central American home-away-from-home, and they score BIG TIME! Surfers include Jared Mell, Tyler “Pickle” Warren, Nathan Adams, Justin Quintal, and Mikey DeTemple.

Turning Point
Rusty Miller shares an unique gallery of his 40-year-old print photographs, captured at the 1970 World Surfing Championships at Bell’s Beach and subsequent “sea changers” migration to the north coast of NSW. Legendary, to be sure. 

JuJu Mojo
Creator of the first longboard movie of the new era (On Safari To Stay) as well as bangers Fresh Fruit for Rotten Vegetables and Another State of Mind, Steve Cleveland sits down with SLIDE to surf film story, growing up in Hawaii, strangling people with their leashes, the top-shelf surfers he shoots with, his upcoming release, and so so much more. Interview by Ryan A. Smith and CJ Nelson), photos by Swilly, Tom Woods, Lorene Carpentier, Ryan Heywood, Dave Brown, et al.

Dane Peterson Photography
Recent film compositions by Dane “Peto” Peterson – a Seedling surfer turned photographer cum laude and expat – light up 12 pages with wondrous grain, cross-processed moods, and understated action by some of the planet’s hippest shredders. Story by Jim Newitt. 

Stroke the Furry Walls
“Go Big or Go Home” is pretty much the theme for Photo Gallery #20. Full-bleed spreads with every page turn feature heavy, hand-dragging barrel charges from Hawaii, Tahiti, Australia, Cook Islands, and Indo. Photos by Spex, Peto, Jeremy Wilmotte, Aquashot, and Anthony Walsh. 

Ryan Lovelace
Twenty-five-year-old Santa Barbara shaper Ryan Lovelace is focused on transitional surfboards, and he has already made quite a name for himself by reconnecting with the ideas and outlines from 1967 through ’69 and offering his own foam and fiberglass takes on what was and what shall be. Interview by Michael Kew, photos by Nick Cook, Brandon DiPierri, and Kew.

The Last of the Summer Wine
SLIDE lensman Al Ashworth scores an especially notable day of waves and surf action on the northern East Coast of New Zealand to cap off a bumper crop season. National champs Thomas Kibblewhite and Brian Young have a go in the pristine conditions alongside local standouts like Sam Bradford, Blake Zuill, Matt Gillespie, Daniel Kosoof, and Wyn. 

Fitting Layers
Fine artist Susan Wickstrand showcases her exquisite, encaustic wax surf collages across 10 pages. Loaded with bite, effort, and back story, Wickstrand’s collaborative efforts with photogs such as Art Brewer, Tom Servais, James Cassimus, Todd Glaser, Kevin Roche, and Jeff Divine demand long stares and deep investigation. Story by Shelby Stanger. 

Let’s Talk About Flex
Perfectionist shaper Gene “Cooperfish” Cooper is constantly evolving, and now he is single minded about blending flex techniques, hybrid foam blanks, properly-foiled fins, and precision glassing schedules. Interview and photos by Ryan A. Smith.

Road North
The Aussie team of surfer/shaper Jordie Brown and crustypaparazzi photographer Scott Wintle load up a van and go road tripping from Victoria to Noosa Heads, meeting, hanging, and surfing with family, friends, and some of Australia’s best East Cpast stylists. Story by Brown, photos by Wintle.

Now that you know what to expect, wipe the drool from your chin and go buy it!  
— Ryan Smith, editor-in-chief

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