Almost Asked Four Questions.

Simon Murdoch, one of the film's stars.

PEATHEAD: What is “Almost Cut My Hair” and why might we care?
RYAN LOVELACE: It started as a project to compile all of the footage I’ve gathered and shot over the years into something concrete. But then word got out and people started to get excited and wanted to send me footage they had stashed or had just gotten the week before. So, pretty quickly, it turned from my project into 'our' project, something that involved a lot of people I've met. Everything in the movie comes back to a relationship I have with someone—a band, a photographer, a surfer, a surfboard—and it’s taken me eight years of work to build those relationships through my boards.

Crafting Trevor's orange ThrougHull for Lakshadweep.
Discuss the film’s shapes.
It’s just a handful of them throughout. Some sections were filmed years apart with a different person on the same board. For instance, there is a 5'3” t.Rev, which I originally made for you, and it was was handed over to Trevor Gordon to surf in Lakshadweep. Later, he surfed it for a while back home. Aubrey Falk also had a go with it. Then it got into the hands of Simon Murdoch, who surfs it beautifully. Other main boards in the movie are Trevor’s 5'10" Piggyback, a high-performance twinnie shortboard, orange with a little swallow tail. (Earlier in the film, there is a lavender version of the same board, which was the first version of the Piggyback model.) Troy Mothershead rides an 8’0” pintail v.Bowls at home and in the Bali section. Trevor rides the same board in the after-credits section. That board now belongs to me, and we are in heaven. The Rabbits Foot that Ryan Burch rode was a mistake. I was shaping it for a regularfooter and realized a few hours later that I had made it backwards, so I called Burch and told him he had a new board. I drove it down to him and filmed him on it for two sessions at Seaside Reef. The Rabbits Foot ridden by Ari Browne was taken with me to Australia in 2012; a friend of mine told me a friend of his wanted to ride it in the finless division of the longboard festival, so I said ‘sure.’ He grabbed it, said it made total sense, then went out and rode it like they were born together. The footage was shot during a three-month road trip from San Diego to El Salvador with his brother and a few friends. The orange hull that Trevor rode in Lakshadweep was made specifically for that trip and that wave. He wanted to ride it as an alternative in case the surf wasn't pumping, so the days prior to the swell picking up, that footage was shot of him enjoying some smaller waves and some fun closeout sections.

What's behind the film name?
Lovelace making a Rabbit's Foot.
I had the film about halfway done before I named it. I was editing the footage of Trevor at Rincon on the Piggyback and needed to put some music on so I could watch the waves together and feel it out as a whole. I decided to play “Almost Cut My Hair” (from Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young’s Déjà Vu album), easily the most important and overreaching song in my life because it’s always nice to listen to. The second it started, I knew no other song would do, and that the movie's name was there without question. “Almost Cut My Hair” is (to me) about not cutting yourself short, to know that things are going to be hard, but to trust yourself in knowing the right path and following it. In doing so, you can never fail. The song has come to me many times in the past and has driven three of the most significant decisions in my life. The attitude alone has guided me numerous times, and I owe a lot of where I am now to the messages within the song. It felt nothing short of perfect to name such a personal film, and I know David Crosby would approve!

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