Semi Aquatic — Southern Oregon's New Art Haven

By Michael Kew

Spencer Reynolds painting Secret Beach in his new Brookings gallery, December 8, 2015. Photo: Kew.

OPENING ITS DOOR to the public on November 28, Semi Aquatic is a fresh, locally owned retail gallery in Brookings, Ore., featuring the unique art of Spencer Reynolds, plus gifts and souvenirs representing his homeland that is the lush and scenic Curry County coast.

Semi Aquatic items showcasing Reynolds's work include his original art pieces, canvas and paper prints, cards, clothing, skateboards, and hats. Other items include fine artisan soaps and small-press books.

Additionally, in 2016, Reynolds will use the space as a painting studio and for teaching art classes.

"Its aesthetic is clean and modern and also incorporates the spirit of historical Brookings," he said. "The interior developed the way most of my art does—it wasn't planned from start-to-finish. Rather, it was developed piece by piece. I didn't know whether all the pieces would come together well. Luckily, they did."


SEMI AQUATIC, 654 Chetco Avenue (aka Highway 101), Brookings, Oregon; 503-451-3775 ; open 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday;

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